Hinjewadi Pune – Authenticated and Adequate location of accurate Real Estate

VTP Bellissimo / Hinjewadi Pune – Authenticated and Adequate location of accurate Real Estate

An overview of the location!!

The growth trends of the real estate market in Pune, Hinjewadi is an adored concept and is seen to have a positive impact on the whole market. The constant and consistent growth visible in the market is the advantage of investing in a well-architect getting growth. The place is witnessing the diversity of home options, whether for a high-end customer or an investor, the demographic infrastructure and the growth trends of the market are unique in their existence.

The location of Hinjewadi is considered to be the place that employs over 2 lakh people with its IT / ITeS sector, which is quite implicated to give fine results. The real estate market in Hinjewadi is growing rapidly and one of the major reasons for its growth is considered to be flowing continuously even when some segments are seeing a backdrop, the other segment balances the whole concept, by keeping in account the development process. Having diversification of the segments make it even more relevant for one to invest in real estate which will give them multiple benefits from the very basic to the very rapidly growing criteria. Biotechnology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles are seen to be the sectors that provide a place and work to the people who migrate to the city for one reason or the other.

A location from where no place rests to be too far!!

The location is prime and is not leaving any stone unturned in the benefits offered to the customers. Properties here are available across segments, and both luxury and affordable options are being provided. The economic hub is driven by the IT / ITeS sector and provides a huge base for employment, the average age of the people working here are varying between 30 – 40 years, also the boosted connectivity turns out to be a major benefit for the residents of the apartments that are present there or those which are soon to be launched, national highway 4, Mumbai Pune Expressway, Pune – Bengaluru Expressway, and upcoming Pune Metro rail are at very optimum distances from the location, and also particularly from every project to be made in Hinjewadi takes care of the connectivity and smooth commute concept.

The infrastructure and its eminence developing over time!! { Social and Physical infrastructure }

Having refined infrastructure is a boon for the ones investing in the project, as the efficiency of physical as well as social infrastructure makes living in there a smooth process, and will not let any requirement become a hurdle in the ongoing process. Located in the western suburbs of Pune which is close to the national highway 4, the place settles down to be a prime result of being located in Pune’s prominent IT / ITeS sector. Not only more than 300 companies are settled here but also the upcoming supply and development of office spaces which will spread across areas of 4.5 million square feet which is quite an enormous area and will assuredly provide employment on a large scale along with these it will prove out to be a place of eminence in every aspect.

Also, Pune Airport is located at a distance of about 20 KM of distance, the nearest rail. way station and the Pune Junction are at distances of 11 KM and 21 KM respectively, which is quite a fair distance from the residence and provides easily accessible commute distances to travel. For smooth connectivity of Hinjewadi to Shivajinagar, metro line 3 is being developed. All civic amenities are also abandoned in the area and will not let any of the residents be deprived of the advantage of getting all the basic requirements in a distance of minutes. Many international schools, good hospitals which provide the best of the facilities, shopping malls with every feature to be seen by your needs, many multiplexes, and multiple recreational facilities will be available to the residents.

The Price trends of the Real Estate Market in Pune!!

If we look up the pricing trends of the real estate in the market of Hinjewadi we must see a praiseworthy upliftment in it. As for information the number of units launched was about 1,661 in 2013 and hiked up to about 4,510 in 2019, the other aspect being the number of units sold rested at 2,101 in 2013 and lifted to 4,258 in 2019, also the weighted average price on year-end was seen to be 4,742 in 2013 and now have uplifted to 5,282 in 2019. The recent data show the pace of the development happening in the real estate market. The development processes are affected by multiple reasons and also the place is witnessing many ongoing processes which are headed towards providing praiseworthy real estate to the buyers.

In these 5 years of development and upliftment of the real estate in Hinjewadi, the gap between the units launched and the units sold has narrowed down which makes it clear that more real estate is getting into existence making a wide choice available to the buyers as well as the abundance of real estate who choose to have a home of their own in a locality like Hinjewadi which is prominent from every angle, whether it is efficiency in the employment sector or the part of having adorable infrastructural features making it an attraction as well as a wise option to invest in.

Best Project to invest on this location

VTP Bellissimo Hinjewadi redefines the elegance of real estate with tranquillity and intelligently designed homes, which is a dream of many investors. The apartments are built out of integral thoughtfulness, eminence, and optimism in their very essence. Redefining the architecture which is the most effective, will reflect the beauty which we find in our homes after coming back from a long tiring journey which makes us miss the comfort of our homes, similar adoring of your homes can be found here with appropriate delight in its very presence. This integral township includes amenities like no other, beginning with the grand township entrance, 5 sports and coaching academics, yoga and meditation, senior citizen set up area, children’s play area, swimming pool + kids’ pool + jacuzzi, work from the home zone, a gymnasium, a jogging track, and the range goes on to the prominent amenities available in the apartments of VTP Bellissimo.

Flats in Hinjewadi are undoubtedly a pleasurable delight to those buyers who are interested in investing in an apartment like this which is on the top concerning any of its features. The premium lodging facilities/amenities which is available for the guests and the 5-star luxurious treatment one would experience are the best out of all the possible choices. The price of the apartments ranges from ₹ 42 lakhs - ₹ 1.79 crores for the differentiation of 1 BHK apartments, 2 BHK apartments, and 3 BHK apartments each one of them designed with premium features. Having competitive features, MLA’s advantages of big rooms in the apartments, the high build quality of the architecture, rightly priced results, transparent transaction, and many other such of them adding to its prominence making it an adored choice of real estate to invest in.